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Registration is now open for the second half of the spring semester (schedule and descriptions below). Our classes are free!

Visit kbescourses.com to register and click on Enroll in Courses.  Select the category for the course of interest, click on the course and scroll down to click on the “Enroll Me” button.  If you are registering for the first time, you will be asked to first create a user profile.

Our offerings include:

Spring Classes-2016Course Descriptions:

The Gospel of John:  This course will explore the life of Jesus from John’s unique perspective.   The gospel of John puts Jesus’ life in historical and geographic perspective reflecting on perhaps 60 years of early Christianity after the resurrection.  Students will gain a macro understanding of the gospel’s context and the journey of Jesus’ ministry to the world.

The Good and Beautiful God:  This is a nine week class geared toward instruction in Spiritual Formation.   Dallas Willard, Philosopher and spiritual mentor states, “Spiritual formation in the tradition of Jesus Christ is the process of transformation of the inmost dimension of the human being, the heart” (Willard, 2013).  This class seeks to enhance personal relationship with God by exploring aspects of his character.  Short weekly readings from the book “The Good and Beautiful God” written by James Brian Smith, will guide us closer to a deeper relationship with God and fill our hearts with His peace which will provide a stepping stone for a more intimate encounter with The Savior.

An Awakening Series, Part 2: A continuation in the series that will empower us to wake up as the Body of Christ; continue to discover our purpose/call; do what Jesus did; build legacies for others; and so much more!  These are teachings you do not want to miss.  The topics we will cover in the “An Awakening” series are below. This will be a combination of online and playback but a one-time registration gives you access to all topics in this series; therefore, even if your schedule will not allow you to attend all, once you enroll in the series, you will have access to all classes, including the playback information. Weekly email reminders will be sent once you enroll. Teachers: Zina Ashley, JoAnn Cheeseboro, Valerie Hall, Karen Portman, Cynthia Speight.An Awakening Classes - Spring 2016The Seed: This is the first level of four courses devoted to learning how to operate in the gift of prophecy. The focus is on teaching basic truths and concepts about the prophetic to include:  hearing the voice of God; how the Holy Spirit gives and empowers the gift; the role of worship; and an understanding of the various means God uses to speak. There are no prerequisites.

The Bud: This is the second level of four courses on how to operate in the gift of prophecy. Topics include: the importance of fruitful character in ministry; how to avoid prophetic pitfalls; false prophets; and prophetic terminology. Students will begin to put into practice basic prophetic skills through activations. Prerequisites:  Level 1- Seed class or equivalent life experiences are prerequisites.

Teacher Enrichment Training

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