Mission Statement

“The Kingdom Building Equipping School is a virtual Christian ministry vocational school specifically designed to help believers identify, develop and operate in their spiritual gifts through a life style of service through love.”

Vision Statement

“To be a preeminent global virtual spiritual gifts equipping school for lay believers empowering them to actively minister in local churches and the church at large to build up the Kingdom of God.”

Our History

Kingdom Building Equipping School can trace its roots to the Home Fellowship Bible Study classes conducted in the basement of Willie and Juanita Smith in Alexandria, Virginia from 1999 – 2004. When they relocated to Norfolk, Virginia Juanita was asked to teach a newly formed Bible study group that meets in the neighborhood club house.

Concurrently, Juanita was having daily 7 am, prayer with a friend that evolved into reading and studying the Bible together. Over time, others spontaneously joined the morning calls making it necessary to have a conference call line dedicated to prayer and Bible study. As more people joined in the conference call classes, use of the internet as a means of exchanging information happened naturally and without any conscience effort on our part. God established what is now known as Kingdom Building Equipping School, a virtual school with the primary objective of identifying, training and developing people to operate in their spiritual gifts in lay ministry.

In February 2004 during a basement Bible study class it was prophetically spoken that together Juanita and Willie would start a Bible study school that would raise up prophets, priests, and teachers who would equip people to build up the Kingdom of God. The name Kingdom Building Equipping School (KBES) was prophetically given; a school to instruct and train lay people to minister in their gifs in a non-traditional way. Since the Kingdom of God includes the entire planet earth, the assignment was to the nations- global teaching and ministry. The best, most efficient way to do that is using current technology as a means of course development and delivery. Technology allows KBES to be a school without walls, equipping for lay ministry in the 21st Century.

So we begin. Kingdom Building Equipping School is a nonprofit entity chartered in the state of Virginia to operate a virtual spiritual gifts vocational school to build up God’s Kingdom. Those who participate in this endeavor are Kingdom Builders.